International Workshops & Clinics

From the United States to England, Poland, China, Australia, and more, Rhonda Carlson brings her extensive experience and unforgettable teaching methods to students all over the globe.

Profty Artist Development Program 2024
International performance technique for the singer

Vocal Conference 2021
Profty, The Singing Mind

A virtual event for singers and voice teachers, offering both live and on-demand presentations, as well as interaction with other event attendees from all around the world in a web-based virtual lobby.


World Tour 2018
with Greg Enriquez & Kevan Patriquin

  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Australia
  • Mexico
  • Various cities throughout the United States

World Tour 2017
with Greg Enriquez

  • Russia
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • France

Rhonda Carlson Workshop Testimonials

"Rhonda Carlson has taken the 'secrets' of a successful audition/performance and distilled them down into tangible, easy-to-use tools."

Tim Bennett
Disney Theatrical Group

"Rhonda teaches you to accept challenges while pushing your boundaries. As a pop artist, she taught me to tell a story and not just sing, giving me something that sets me apart from my peers."

Court Alexander
Lead Singer
"Mirror Talk"/Recording Artist

"The first teacher to clearly articulate the concept of acting and singing to me. She teaches the concepts that make you versatile and prepares you for the real world of theatre. Through her teaching, I learned that failures are to be embraced and that obstacles are fuel for the fire every actor needs to succeed."

Ned Donovan
Music Theatre Graduate
Ithaca College

"This is the teacher you carry with you the rest of your life. Her approach leaves you thinking about the lesson long after the class, and her gentle, but relentless persistence produces more breakthrough performances than any teacher I know."

Benjamin Row
Feature actor
Ragged Isle, Irene Ryan nominee

"Success! Just wanted to let you know that I've been really enjoying the show again in a way I haven't for such a long time, so thank you!  Ever since our last session, I've felt free to be playful which is great. And I've had so much fun in You Don't Own Me. I can tell the audience is relating much more, and I'm even getting a round of applause after the 'ta da' moment at the end. Thank you!"

Elizabeth Carter
Actor/Singer - West End, London

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