"What Do I Do With My Hands?"

A Guide to Acting for the Singer | By Rhonda Carlson

In "What Do I Do With My Hands?" - A Guide to Acting for the Singer, Rhonda Carlson has shared her years of knowledge and success as a performance coach by providing both the singer and the singing teacher the tools that marry the art forms of acting and the singing.

Although a solid vocal technique is essential for every singing artist, that technique is a means to a greater end, not an end in itself. Basically, singing is more than just singing.The soulful grimaces, "pick a spot on the wall" stares, and cliché hand gestures that so many singers grow to depend on are simply not enough to move an audience or land a role.

"What Do I Do With My Hands?" explores acting from the singer's vantage point and takes into account the specific limitations and needs of the musician. Thanks to the clear and concise explanations, practical tools and exercises, as well as a comprehensive list of recommended practice repertoire, the singer will learn how to develop imagery, draw on sense memory, and merge the form and style of music and acting in a symbiotic, holistic way.

This book will not only provide the answer to "what do I do with my hands," it will take the singer to new levels of expression that are at the heart of an effective aesthetic experience.

"One of the best explanations of imagery I've ever encountered!"

Liz McCartney
Phantom of the Opera, Broadway

"Every voice teacher will want this book as a teaching companion. Thanks to the explanations in the book, voice teachers can now offer a complete lesson that goes beyond breath support and tonal productuion."

Bruce Ewing
Forever Plaid, The Phat Pack,
Ewing Vocal Associates, Las Vegas

"Rhonda Carlson has written a wonderful, in-depth book that will help the singing actor immensely!"

Anne Nathan
Original Cast
Tony-Award Winning Musical, "ONCE"

"Rhonda has designed a book that provides tools for a process that will teach you how to ask and answer your own questions. It's a simple but highly effective guide for actors who sing and singers who act."

Anthony "Tony" Crivello
Tony Award Winner
"Kiss of the Spider Woman"

"Finally! Someone has actually explained acting in a way that respects the confinement and special demands of the singer. On the other hand, this isn't just for singers, but for anyone who is looking for a guide to finding the soul of a character. This isn't a one-time read, but a source that should be used whenever learning a new role."

Randal Keith
"Jean Valjean," Les Miserables
Broadway/National Tour